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Parenting Stress Index (4th ed.)


The fourth edition of the popular PSI is a 120-item inventory that focuses on three major domains of stress: child characteristics, parent characteristics, and situational/demographic life stress. Features and benefits: Self-report inventory features 120 questions for parents of children ages 1 month to 12 years; Commonly used as a diagnostic or screening measure to evaluate the parenting system; Helps identify at-risk or problem areas in the child's or parent's behavior; Two domain scores and 13 subscales facilitate both treatment planning in relation to problem areas and the evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions; Useful in family system evaluations such as custody evaluations or at-risk for dysfunctional parenting; Major enhancements in this revision include: improved cultural sensitivity of item language, increased internal consistency of scales, the addition of age-based norms at the domain and subscale level, enhanced factor loading of items on scales, the addition of scores to enhance interpretation, and a new normative sample that includes fathers; Has been translated into more than 30 languages and maintains its factor structure and predictive abilities; Expanded norms are organized by each year of a child's age. T scores are provided, but percentiles remain the primary interpretive framework; A Defensive Responding subscale indicates whether the parent is presenting a "minimizing" or "look good" bias to their responses; Validation studies conducted within a variety of foreign populations, including Chinese, Portuguese, French Canadian, Finnish, and Dutch, suggest that the PSI is a robust measure that maintains its validity with diverse non-English-speaking cultures; Scoring and reporting are available in PARiConnect. (author abstract)

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