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Preschool parents’ views of distance learning during COVID-19


Research findings: While research is beginning to emerge about the educational landscape during COVID-19, little attention has been paid to preschool. This mainly descriptive study examined U.S. parents’ views on distance learning for their preschool children during the COVID-19 crisis. Using a survey distributed via social media groups to U.S. parents of preschoolers (N = 166), we examined the following: the types of activities parents engaged in, obstacles to preschool distance learning, and the types of resources parents needed. Results of the online survey indicated that parents received and engaged in more literacy based activities than mathematics ones. Additionally, parents reported few opportunities for social emotional engagement. Responding parents indicated that time was a major factor in assisting their children with distance learning and would prefer activities that did not take significant time, and allowed for social interaction with other children. Policy or Practice: Current research indicates that preschool children missed critical learning during the COVID-19 crisis. Children who enter kindergarten following the COVID-19 crisis, may need additional support in mathematics and social emotional engagement given that parents are reporting lower levels of such activities during distance learning. And, if distance learning continues or reoccurs, mathematics and social opportunities as well as teacher training need more consideration. (author abstract)

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