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Adverse childhood experiences and preschool suspension expulsion: A population study


Specifically, we addressed the following research questions: (1) What is the preschool suspension and expulsion estimate based on national parent-reported data? (2) What is the cumulative effect of ACEs on the likelihood of preschool suspension and expulsion? (3) How does each ACE impact the likelihood of preschool suspension and expulsion? We hypothesized that the preschool suspension and expulsion rates would be higher compared to previous studies. We also hypothesized ACEs would significantly impact expulsion and suspension even controlling for children’s demographic characteristics (i.e., age, gender, home language, race and ethnicity). This work extends preschool expulsion and suspension and ACEs research. By examining the intersection of ACEs and preschool expulsion and suspension through this nationally representative data set, the findings can further inform how early childhood educators can provide safe supportive early learning environments for all children and families. (author abstract)

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