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The Factor Structure of Parents’ Math-Related Talk and Its Relation to Children’s Early Academic Skills


The objective of this project is to investigate parents use of math language during math activity engagement with young children. The long-term goal is to develop home-based interventions for preschoolers at risk of early achievement gaps by first identifying key aspects of the home learning environment (e.g., parents’ math-related talk) that may be strengthened. The initial focus will be on observing parent-child engagement in a range of math-related activities and investigating if parents’ math language use, number talk, and general talk are distinct factors related to child’s math language knowledge, numeracy ability, and general vocabulary. The central hypotheses are that parents’ talk will statistically separate into three factors representing a math language, number talk, and general talk factor. In addition, if there is a three-factor model, parent’s math language use will be related to both children’s math language knowledge and numeracy skills, while parent number talk will be uniquely related to children’s numeracy skills and parent general talk will be uniquely related to child general vocabulary.

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Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects
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