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Administrative support and well-being of infant, toddler, and preschool educators


Therefore, we aim to contribute to the gaps in literature and address the need for supporting early childhood educators’ well-being in providing high-quality care and education that all children deserve. To address these information gaps, we will use an exploratory sequential mixed method design implemented in two phases to define and conceptualize administrative support, identify the types of administrative support educators perceive they are receiving, the types of support the administrators provide for their educators, and how the identified types of administrative support are associated with educator well-being. Phase one will consist of focus groups to examine administrative support perceived by infant/toddler and preschool educators as well as administrative support provided for the educators by the administrators. Common themes from the first phase will inform what kind of supports to include in the survey to understand what educators say they are getting and what administrators say they are providing which will be utilized in phase two of the project. Phase two of the project will use quantitative survey methods to measure educators’ well-being and their perceptions of administrative supports, drawing from a larger sample of educators, to examine the associations between perceived administrative support and educator well-being. Additionally, administrators will complete a survey on administrative support to indicate the frequency and kinds of administrative support they provide for their teaching staff. (author abstract)

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