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Making replication work: Building infrastructure to implement, scale-up, and sustain evidence-based early childhood home visiting programs with fidelity

Mathematica Policy Research and its partner, Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, conducted a national cross-site evaluation of the EBHV initiative. Using a mixed-methods approach, the national cross-site evaluation was designed to (1) examine the degree to which system change occurred, (2) document the fidelity with which the program models were implemented, and (3) identify implementation strategies and challenges. Ultimately, the evaluation examined the degree to which building infrastructure capacity influenced whether the EBHV subcontractors were able to achieve their EBHV goals related to implementation with fidelity, scale-up, and sustainability. The evaluation also examined whether progress achieving these goals was influenced by the quality of the collaboration among partners, the extent to which partners worked together, and the degree to which partners' respective goals were in alignment. This final evaluation report brings together findings from all years of the EBHV initiative, drawing on interim reports and briefings and updating results with analyses of data collected through the initiative's first four years of implementation (fall 2009 through spring 2013). Throughout the initiative, the national cross-site evaluation gathered data from many sources, including reviews of the subcontractor's applications and progress reports, several rounds of telephone interviews and two rounds of site visits with the EBHV subcontractors, baseline and followup surveys of the EBHV subcontractors and their partners, and data on staff and participant characteristics and service delivery from the implementing agencies (IAs) identified by the subcontractors. The primary data sources for this report include: (1) site visits conducted to the 17 EBHV subcontractors between February and April 2012; (2) data on staff and participant characteristics and service delivery from October 1, 2009, through June 30, 2012; and (3) a web-based survey of key partners fielded in February 2013. (author abstract)
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