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National American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start Collaboration Office: Needs assessment: 2013 results

As outlined in the Improving Head Start for School Readiness Act of 2007, Sec. 642B(a)(4)(B) the Director of the NAIANHSCO is tasked with developing a strategic plan, based on the findings of a national AIAN HS collaboration needs assessment, that will: "Enhance collaboration and coordination of Head Start services by Head Start agencies with other entities providing early childhood education and development (such as child care or services offered by museums), health care, mental health care, welfare, child protective services, education and community service activities, family literacy services, reading readiness programs (including such programs offered by public and school libraries), services relating to children with disabilities, other early childhood education and development for limited English proficient children and homeless children, and services provided for children in foster care and children referred to Head Start programs by child welfare agencies, including agencies and state officials responsible for services; ... assist Head Start agencies to develop a plan for the provision of full working-day, full calendar year services for children enrolled in Head Start programs who needs such services; assist Head Start agencies to align curricula and assessments used in Head Start programs with the Head Start Child Outcomes Framework and, as appropriate, state early learning standards; and enable Head Start agencies to better access professional development opportunities for Head Start staff, such as by working with Head Start agencies to enable the agencies to meet the degree requirements, ... including providing distance learning opportunities for Head Start staff, where needed to make higher education more accessible to Head Start staff; and enable the Head Start agencies to better conduct outreach to eligible families." In November 2012, AIAN HS and EHS programs were invited to complete a comprehensive needs assessment survey detailing the extent of their involvement with various community partners and the achievement of representative tasks related to the following priority areas of collaboration: Child Care; Community Services; Education: Head Start Transition and Alignment with K-12, and Head Start and Pre-K Partnership Development; Family/Child Assistance; Family Literacy Services; Health Services; Professional Development; Services for Children Experiencing Homelessness; and Services for Children with Disabilities. The design and development of the NAIANHSCO needs assessment was a collaborative effort between OHS's Region XI Regional Program Manager, T/TA Manager and the NAIANHSCO Director. The survey questions were defined based on past NAIANSHCO and HSSCO needs assessments, OHS Risk Management meetings, and T/TA data. A web-based online survey (SurveyMonkey) was used as the primary means of data collection. Data collection was conducted from September 19th until December 17th, 2012. A total of 94 grantees (and their delegates) participated in the survey. This represents 61% of all AIAN HS grantees. The data presented in this summary is an aggregated report of all responding grantees and states, and is reported as a region; AIAN HS Region XI. There were a total 57 questions on the survey (this excludes questions about contact information). (author abstract)
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