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Out-of-school time physical activity standards: Implementation trends: Summary report

The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans Midcourse Report found limited evidence that community and out-of-school time program (OST) settings were successful in increasing physical activity among children and youth. The report noted that these settings should be highlighted as priority areas for additional research. Among service providers, service intermediaries, and advocates, there is substantial interest in, and organization around, promoting both healthy eating and physical activity in OST settings. This project was conceived as a response to the need for more research and better documentation of non-research efforts. While some OST health promotion is occurring through traditional grant-funded research, much of it actually emanates from organizations that have engaged with us to develop a structure and process for creating and promoting voluntary physical activity quality standards for the National AfterSchool Association (NAA) (RWJF Grant #67296). This work has taken place through our collaboration with Y-USA to create and lead the Healthy Out-of-School Time Coalition (HOST). Beyond HOST--and often predating it--additional efforts to promote healthy eating and PA in OST are rooted in professional development activities driven by organizations with internal or foundation funding that do not follow typical research routes and are unlikely to appear in peer-reviewed journals. This report addresses our first aim, which was to pilot a surveillance system to identify baseline physical activity practices and the impact of the National AfterSchool Association Physical Activity Quality Standards (NAA PAQS) on the OST field. These standards are a subset of the NAA Healthy Eating and Physical Activity standards. In this volume, we consolidate our findings from a summer survey pilot and the subsequent school year survey. In a separate volume, we present case studies describing outstanding professional development initiatives that aim to improve OST providers' capacity to deliver high quality physical activity. (author abstract)
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