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Silver State Stars: Quality Rating Improvement System Pilot Project: Year one evaluation report [Executive summary]

This pilot project was designed to test a rating scale created by local professional involved in a workgroup to create this program. The QRIS system was implemented in a small sample of childcare centers in Southern Nevada to identify any potential problems with the rating system and its criteria. A total of 24 early childhood education centers in Clark County were selected to participate in the project. Each of these centers agreed to participate in the pilot, and completed surveys and interviews for the evaluation, received pre- and post- environmental rating assessments, and completed a binder for review to assign a star rating. In exchange, centers received 6 months of technical assistance from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension staff, as well as a grant based on the size of the center. Findings from Year One Pilot Centers To evaluate this pilot program data were collected in a number of different ways. These included: (1) a survey of center directors before the start of their participation in the pilot, (2) a survey of parents in participating centers to gauge their perceptions of the utility of a star rating system, as well as their perspectives on "quality" in child care, (3) environmental rating scores using the Infant Toddler Environmental Rating Scale and the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale, were obtained both before and after technical assistance was provided, (4) star ratings were assigned based on predetermined quality indicators both before and after technical assistance was provided, (5) qualitative interviews with participating center directors at the conclusion of their participation in the program, and (6) a group interview with the technical assistance staff to gain insight into the process of implementing the program. (author abstract)
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