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Benchmarks for Quality Improvement Self-Assessment Tool

The Benchmarks for Quality Improvement (BQI) were developed by the Office of Child Care (OCC) to support your planning and implementation of early learning quality improvement systems. OCC recognizes that States and Territories are using quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) as a framework for organizing, guiding, and gauging the progress of quality initiatives. Therefore, this self-assessment tool is organized around the five elements of a QRIS: 1. Program Standards, 2. Supports for Programs and Practitioners, 3. Financial Incentives, 4. Quality Assurance and Monitoring, and 5. Consumer Education. The purpose of the BQI Self-Assessment Tool is to help you assess your current status and measure your progress in implementing program quality improvement systems. It is our hope that this tool will assist you in identifying areas that you would prioritize for moving forward. (author abstract)
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