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Differences a day can make: Exploring the effects of an abbreviated intervention on improving financial management for youth-serving organizations

CFAR, a management consulting firm with experience helping foundations increase their impact, was asked to provide a review of the abbreviated program including some insights on how to extend the impact. This report reviews the abbreviated SFM program in terms of its strengths and weaknesses as a resource as well as the scope of expected outcomes, and suggests future improvements to increase its impact. The suggestions here emphasize a "trimtab" frame championed by Buckminster Fuller: "the tiny trimtab, which creates a low pressure that pulls the rudder around and in doing so, has a big impact on direction of huge ships." Supporting very focused behavioral changes in an organization as a way to change course is especially key in small nonprofits, where there is often little time or money for rolling out significant initiatives. (Additional readings on ways to increase the impact of a change effort without major investments of time and funds can be found in the Appendix.) (author abstract)
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