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State teacher evaluation systems: Fifty state scan on resources for early childhood teachers

Purpose: This 50-state analysis provides a national view of how states include early childhood teachers in state educator evaluation systems. This scan was developed to follow up on the findings reported in CEELO's policy report, How are Early Childhood Teachers Faring in State Teacher Evaluation Systems?, which analyzed 11 states' early childhood teacher evaluation policy and practice in depth. Methodology: CEELO reviewed state websites to identify the status of implementation, whether early childhood teachers are included, and related news or resources. Intended Audience and Use: This information is meant to provide stakeholders with information on resources pertinent to early childhood teachers in state educator evaluation systems as they are supported to improve their practice. Disclaimer: State information is continually updated and so this scan may not be exhaustive of all relevant materials. A state's main webpage is often the best source for current information. (author abstract)
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Reports & Papers
United States
Wyoming; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Washington; Vermont; Virginia; Utah; Texas; Tennessee; South Dakota; South Carolina; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; Oregon; Oklahoma; Ohio; New York; Nevada; New Mexico; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Nebraska; North Dakota; North Carolina; Montana; Mississippi; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Louisiana; Kentucky; Kansas; Indiana; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; Hawaii; Georgia; Florida; Delaware; District of Columbia; Connecticut; Colorado; California; Arizona; Arkansas; Alabama; Alaska

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