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Infants and toddlers: Young scientists exploring the world around them: An annotated bibliography for course developers

Because of the lack of knowledge on evidence based practices in science for infants and toddlers, this review draws upon more basic theory and research on infant and toddler development, highlighting its relevance to science education for these age groups. This is a more useful and necessary approach given the lack of a literature supporting evidence-based practices for introducing infants and toddlers to science. Such evidence will hopefully accumulate over time, as has been the case with the emergence of evidence based practices for science for preschoolers. This review supports the goal of creating greater continuity in young children's development across all of early childhood (typically defined as birth through 8 years of age). To this end, the new K-12 conceptual framework for science is reviewed. The framework has relevance for children prior to kindergarten and states have already begun to create preschool early learning standards that are modeled after the framework. The framework also has relevance for development during infancy and toddlerhood. (author abstract)
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