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Early childhood education teachers 2.0: Strategies to transform the profession [Executive summary]

The ECE Workforce Transformation Initiative (ECEWTI) set out to learn more about the ECE workforce in Philadelphia and to design strategies for realizing a teacher workforce fully qualified and of sufficient size to deliver quality ECE. ECEWTI collected data through online surveys, focus groups, interviews, case studies, secondary data analysis and literature reviews. Data were collected about ECE employers, ECE staff, and ECE teacher preparation programs in order to answer the following questions: -How well do the region's teacher preparation programs prepare ECE teaching staff for their jobs? -What are the attributes of highly effective teacher preparation programs and what will it take to advance these strategies in the local higher education community? -What factors (in addition to compensation) contribute to job satisfaction among ECE teachers and what strategies could reduce the high turnover rate among ECE teachers? -How can the ECE field be more inclusive of men, Latinos and other populations less frequently occupying ECE teacher positions? -How well do teachers progress along an ECE career pathway that ties increased education and credential attainment to advanced positions and compensation and how might that be improved? -Are there successful models and/or lessons from other cities or sectors that should inform our efforts in Philadelphia? (author abstract)
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Executive Summary
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