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Struggling to move beyond acknowledgment: Celebrating gay and lesbian families in preschool environments

Our qualitative study explores three phenomena: (a) the phenomenon of being a queer parent with a child in preschool; (b) the phenomenon of being a preschool teacher or administrator when children with queer parents are present in the classroom; and (c) the phenomenon of parents' and teachers' expectations and roles in adapting classrooms to fit queer identities. Twenty-three gay- or lesbian-identified parents of preschoolers and eight preschool teachers who have had gay- or lesbian-identified families in their classrooms participated in this study. Findings indicated that these preschool teacher participants and the gay and lesbian parent participants were challenged with expectations and logistics of how and when to incorporate queer family identities into the preschool classroom. (author abstract)
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Reports & Papers
United States
Virginia; New Jersey; North Carolina; Georgia

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