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A compass for families: Head Start in rural America

Despite sometimes facing significant challenges, Head Start provides evidence-based, locally administered services to hundreds of thousands of rural children each year at one of the most critical stages of their development. This report assesses the scale and scope of Head Start in rural communities by analyzing Program Information Reports (PIR) from several thousand rural Head Start locations across the United States using geographic analysis tools to separate rural providers from their metropolitan counterparts as well as collecting insights via interviews with 20 rural Head Start administrators. For the purposes of this report, the authors use the general term "Head Start" to refer to the Early Head Start, Head Start, Migrant and Seasonal Head Start, and American Indian and Alaska Native Head Start programs. This report excludes Head Start locations in Puerto Rico and U.S. territories. (see Appendix for full methodological details) (author abstract)
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United States
Wyoming; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Washington; Vermont; Virginia; Utah; Texas; Tennessee; South Dakota; South Carolina; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; Oregon; Oklahoma; Ohio; New York; Nevada; New Mexico; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Nebraska; North Dakota; North Carolina; Montana; Mississippi; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Louisiana; Kentucky; Kansas; Indiana; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; Hawaii; Georgia; Florida; Delaware; District of Columbia; Connecticut; Colorado; California; Arizona; Arkansas; Alabama; Alaska

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