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Parental attributions among African American mothers: Relationship to child factors and treatment preferences

The purpose of the present investigation was to examine parental attributions for child misbehavior and treatment acceptability ratings among a sample of female caregivers parenting a young child with significant levels of disruptive behavior. African American caregivers with low socioeconomic status were recruited because of the increased incidence of disruptive behavior disorders among this population. Eighty-seven participants completed an attributional style measure for prompted instances of misbehavior in their preschool children as well as acceptability ratings for five empirically-supported interventions for addressing disruptive behavior in young children. Similar to other samples, exploratory analyses yielded similar factor dimensions of causal and responsibility attributions in this sample. Further, similar treatment preferences for positive, skill-building treatment interventions over behavioral reductive approaches were also identified in this sample. Caregiver age and education were associated with treatment preferences for interventions that target the parent for change, as opposed to the child themselves. However, parental attributions that place greater causality, stability, and globality for misbehavior within the child predicted greater preference for child-focused interventions, such as individual child therapy and social skills groups. Contributions and limitations of the present investigation, as well as implications for future research and designing more culturally competent, patient-matched treatments are discussed. (author abstract)
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