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Planning for the use of video conferencing in preschool special education and early care and education during the COVID-19 pandemic

Whether referred to as distance learning, remote instruction, tele-intervention, tele-health, tele-practice, tele-therapy, other labels, using video conferencing to support preschool and preschool special education services is not a new idea. Many early childhood programs across the country have been using video conferencing successfully for many years for a variety of purposes including delivery of specialized services, team meetings, coaching, supervision, professional development, individualized planning meetings, family-to-family support, and including children with weakened immune diseases into typical preschool classrooms. DO NOT DELAY: whether or not your school or program has been using video conferencing, because of the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, ALL programs consider how video conferencing and relate technologies could be used to continue providing educational services. The purpose of this document is to suggest key topics to be addressed and provide information and resources to assist in planning how to use video conferencing. (author abstract)
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