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Child care providers need assistance now: Survey results from the front lines

As the economic crisis driven by COVID-19 unfolded, child care providers -- directors of child care centers and owners of home-based programs, as well as teachers and other child care staff -- began recounting its effects on our facebook page, Childcare Changemakers, and its related facebook group. Building off these reports, we developed a survey to capture the pandemic's impact on the child care providers sharing their stories in this venue, provide a forum for the voices of owners and workers directly impacted by the crisis, and help inform the policy response to the pandemic. (See Appendix A for the full survey and methodology). The survey results, detailed below, highlight the crisis facing child care providers, many of which, without additional aid, will shut their doors forever. They also illuminate the economic hardship that child care providers and workers are facing during this crisis. And the results show the safety concerns that child care workers have, which must be addressed as states begin to reopen. (author abstract)
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