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High protein intake among preschoolers in childcare in a region at elevated risk for obesity

Objectives To compare diet quality of convenience samples of children 2–3 and 4–5 years attending 11 of 75 childcare centers in Hays County, Texas to a nationally representative sample, as part of a needs assessment to inform a childcare center-based intervention. Methods Parents completed 24-h recalls of their child’s diet in 2014. Usual dietary intake of the regional and age-matched sample from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (2011–2014) was estimated using the National Cancer Institute method. Diet quality was assessed using the Healthy Eating Index. Quantile regression and t-tests compared nutrient intake and Healthy Eating Index scores between the two samples. Results Children ages 2–3 and 4–5 years in the regional sample (n=124) consumed a higher percent of calories from protein (19%) than children in the national sample (n=1613; 14%, P<.0.0001 in="" the="" regional="" sample="" of="" children="" years="" consumed="" protein="" excess="" amdr="" compared="" to="" fewer="" than="" national="" sample.="" conclusions="" for="" practice="" assessing="" diet="" while="" planning="" health="" outreach="" is="" important.="" among="" childcare="" this="" community="" high="" intake="" may="" contribute="" weight="" disparity.="" workshops="" with="" center="" staff="" address="" policies="" environments="" and="" parent="" could="" replacing="" some="" high-protein="" foods="" other="" nutrient-rich="" foods.="" abstract="">
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