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Conceptualizations of readiness and the content of early learning standards: The intersection of policy and research?

An analysis of 46 state-level early education standards documents to investigate the specific areas of development addressed in order to determine how different states conceptualize school readiness
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United States
Wyoming; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Vermont; Virginia; Texas; Tennessee; South Carolina; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; Oklahoma; Ohio; New York; Nevada; New Mexico; New Jersey; Nebraska; North Carolina; Montana; Mississippi; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Louisiana; Kentucky; Indiana; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; Hawaii; Georgia; Florida; Delaware; Connecticut; Colorado; California; Arizona; Arkansas; Alabama

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Utah High-Quality School Readiness Expansion (HQSR-E) program evaluation: 2017-2018 findings

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Global estimates of the implications of COVID-19-related preprimary school closures for children’s instructional access, development, learning, and economic wellbeing

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