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Hartley Robert Paul, Chaudry Ajay, Boteach Melissa, Mitchell Estelle, Menefee Kathryn, March, 2021
Reports & Papers
This paper examines and quantifies the impact that child care for all could have on women’s lifetime earnings and retirement security, underscoring just how much women and families have to gain now and over the long-term when we recognize child care…
National Women's Law Center, Columbia University. Center on Poverty and Social Policy, March, 2021
Fact Sheets & Briefs
A Lifetime’s Worth of Benefits examines and quantifies the impact that child care for all could have on women’s lifetime earnings and retirement security, underscoring just how much women and families have to gain when we recognize and invest in…
Kids Forward, May, 2020
Reports & Papers
This report takes an initial look at the landscape of early childhood education in Wisconsin through a racial and ethnic equity lens. It creates a data baseline using 2016 as a starting place for understanding the present context. Our hope is that…
Minton Sarah, Tran Victoria, Dwyer Kelly, April, 2019
The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF), the largest program providing child care assistance to low-income families, has the potential to help parents in education and training access child care, but the eligibility requirements vary across…
Gebrekristos Semhar, Adams Gina, April, 2019
An Urban Institute report released in 2014 examined states' CCDF policies related to education and training to understand how states were serving parents in these activities and what gaps existed in meeting these parents' needs (Adams et al. 2014).…
Durham Christin, Spaulding Shayne, Adams Gina, Gebrekristos Semhar, April, 2019
This document offers a framework for state policies and practices connected to two key federal programs: the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and Child Care Development Fund (CCDF). The framework is designed to be used by state…
Ullrich Rebecca, Schmit Stephanie, Cosse Ruth, April, 2019
Reports & Papers
This brief examines children's access to CCDBG-funded child care in states by race and ethnicity using publicly available data from fiscal year (FY) 2016, building upon CLASP's previous Disparate Access research. (author abstract)
National Women's Law Center, January, 2019
Fact Sheets & Briefs
This fact sheet describes how each state is using or intends to use increased Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) funds to help more families access high-quality child care.
Schulman Karen, 2019
Reports & Papers
This is an analysis of state data, collected in February 2018, on a number of topics related to Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) subsidies for infant care. Chapters of this report address: 1) a comparison of actual payment rates and…
Schulman Karen, October, 2018
Reports & Papers
The National Women's Law Center collected the data in this report from state child care administrators in the fifty states and the District of Columbia (counted as a state in this report). The Center sent the state child care administrators a survey…
Adams Gina, Spaulding Shayne, October, 2018
Fact Sheets & Briefs
To inform policy discussions about the implementation of work requirements, we have compiled research insights about meeting the child care needs of low-income parents seeking education and job training. This brief pulls from the 12 studies produced…
Hahn Heather, Rohacek Monica, Isaacs Julia B., February, 2018
Reports & Papers
To help inform states currently focusing on simplifying access to benefits and improving service delivery, including those implementing the new requirements, this report highlights steps taken and lessons learned by five states that--before the…
Matthews Hannah, Schulman Karen, Vogtman Julie G., Johnson-Staub Christine, Blank Helen, June, 2017
This guide is an update of the implementation guide published by CLASP and NWLC in April 2015 and includes an outline and discussion of provisions in the final rule implementing CCDBG issued by the Administration for Children and Families in…
Walker Christina, Schmit Stephanie, December, 2016
Reports & Papers
A recent CLASP analysis found that access to child care subsidies is sharply limited for all eligible children, but even more so for particular racial and ethnic groups and in particular states. A striking finding is that eligible Latino children…
Bassok Daphna, Miller Luke, Galdo Eva, August, 2016
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
Over the past two decades states have drastically increased their investments in pre-kindergarten programs. One major question about state investments in early childhood education programs is to what extent these initiatives create new child care…