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Williams Bethany, Sisson Susan B., Dev Dipti A., Lowery Bryce, Horm Diane M., Campbell Janis E. (Janis Elaine), Finneran Denise A., Graef-Downard Jennifer, Whaley Linda, June 2021
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed

The influence of community-built environments on physical activity (PA) support in Early Childhood Education settings (ECEs) is unknown. The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to determine associations between community PA environments and…

Barnes-Najor Jessica, Sarche Michelle C., Abramson-Martin Lisa, Amaya-Thompson Jennifer, Cameron Ann, Godfrey Angie, Kaufman Carol E., Petticrew Ethan, Richardson Micker, Sauve Michelle, Shuey Debra, June, 2019
Reports & Papers
In this brief, we address two questions: 1) What Native language experiences did AI/AN children in Region XI Head Start have at home and in their community? 2) What Native cultural experiences did AI/AN children in Region XI Head Start have at home…
Williams Bethany, Sisson Susan B., 2019
Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects

The goal of this study is to understand the relationship between the community around an ECE and classroom health quality by program arrangement (Head Start, community-based childcare, family childcare home) by the following specific aims: Aim 1…

Tsethlikai Monica, Murray Desiree W., Meyer Aleta L., Sparrow Joshua, 2018
Fact Sheets & Briefs
The construct of 'self-regulation' may be problematic in its applications beyond Euro-American cultures, in part because it implies a self-centered orientation. Instead, the primary orientation of many cultures, including many Native American…
Hwa-Froelich Deborah A., 1998
Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects
The purpose of this ethnographic study was to examine the frames, or unstated rules built by culture and life experience, of Asian American families and Head Start staff to determine the reason that Asian American children with learning difficulties…
Thorman Abigail E., 1998
Administration for Children and Families/OPRE Projects
This research study assessed the perceptions of children who attended rural, suburban, and urban Head Start programs regarding race. A total of twelve classrooms (2 control and 2 experimental in each site) in three Head Start regions agreed to…