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Weyer Matt, August 2021

The pandemic has brought significant attention to the importance of early care and education (ECE), as well as the importance of engaging families in new ways. For the majority of the country, it has brought to light what advocates and…

Goodrich J. Marc, Lonigan Christopher J., July, 2018
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
This study evaluated the development of vocabulary knowledge over the course of two academic years, beginning in preschool, in a large sample (N = 944) of language-minority children using scores from single-language vocabulary assessments and…
United States. Government Accountability Office, April, 2017
Reports & Papers
Education's 21st Century program--funded about $1 billion annually since 2002--supports a broad array of activities outside the school day to improve student outcomes in high-poverty or low-performing K-12 schools. A statement accompanying the…
New Mexico. Legislature. Finance Committee, 19 January, 2015
Reports & Papers
Previous Legislative Finance Committee (LFC) evaluations and national research confirm evidence-based interventions and early childhood education programs can improve child well-being, safety, and educational outcomes and close the achievement gap.…
United States. Department of Education. Office for Civil Rights, 21 March, 2014
Reports & Papers
A child's early education, including preschool and elementary school, sets the foundation for his or her future success. The 2011-12 Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) collected early-childhood-education-related data such as preschool access and…
New Mexico. Legislature. Finance Committee, 25 September, 2013
Reports & Papers
This program evaluation focused on the two largest early childhood programs in New Mexico, including an assessment of their impact on educational outcomes of low-income children. The child care assistance program administered by the Children, Youth…
New Mexico. Legislature. Finance Committee, 12 July, 2012
Reports & Papers
An examination of the relationship between publicly-funded early education initiatives and third grade reading proficiency in New Mexico, based on multiple data sources, including analyses of administrative data, site visits to 6 over- and 6 under-…
Black Alison R., Somers Marie-Andree, Doolittle Fred C., Unterman Rebecca, Grossman Jean Baldwin, September 2009
Reports & Papers
Impacts after the second year of implementation of the Evaluation of Enhanced Academic Instruction in After-School Programs, a two-year intervention and random assignment evaluation of structured math and reading instruction in after school programs…
Black Alison R., Doolittle Fred C., Zhu Pei, Unterman Rebecca, Grossman Jean Baldwin, June 2008
Reports & Papers
Impacts after the first year of implementation of the Evaluation of Enhanced Academic Instruction in After-School Programs, a two-year intervention and random assignment evaluation of structured math and reading instruction in after school programs…
Rous Beth, Schroeder Carol, Stricklin Sarintha B., Hains Ann H., February, 2008
Reports & Papers
An identification of barriers and strategies relating to transition to preschool and kindergarten by children with significant special needs, and children with special needs from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, based on forums and…
Lerner Richard M., Lerner Jacqueline V., Phelps Erin, 2008
Reports & Papers
A longitudinal investigation of the theory of Positive Youth Development (PYD) and its promotion of the "Five Cs"--competence, confidence, character, caring, and connection--in youth, based on data on 3,342 students from 33 states assessed from…
Barnett W. Steven, Hustedt Jason T., Robin Kenneth B., Hawkinson Laura E., 2005
Reports & Papers
An annual review of access, quality, and resources in state funded preschool programs for children aged 3 and 4, in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, during the 2003-2004 program year
Osterling Jorge P, Garza Armandina, 2004
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
A discussion of the use of partnerships between schools and Latino community-based organizations to improve the involvement of Latino parents in children's schooling
United States. Department of Education, United States. Department of Justice, 1998
Reports & Papers
A report on the benefits of after-school programs with examples of successful programs