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Xue Yange, Baxter Cassandra, Jones Christopher, Shah Harshini K., Caronongan Pia, Aikens Nikki, Bandel Eileen, Cannon Judith, Schellenberger Kerry, Defnet Amy, Vogel Cheri, Atkins-Burnett Sally, June 2021
Reports & Papers

This report shares key information about the study, including the design, methods, and findings. The tables in this report give an overview of the data collected in Baby FACES 2018, and describe the Early Head Start program and center services…

Shah Harshini K., Niland Katherine, Kharsa Miranda, Caronongan Pia, Moiduddin Emily M., May, 2020
In this compendium, we describe the results of a scan of competency-aligned measures. The purpose of this compendium is to offer the early childhood education field a sense of existing options for assessing competencies for I/T teachers and…
Shah Harshini K., Domitrovich Celene E., Morgan Nicole R., Moore Julia E., Cooper Brittany Rhoades, Jacobson Linda, Greenberg Mark T., Q3 2017
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
This study extends previous work conducted with a sample of primarily low-income children attending an enhanced, publicly funded preschool program and assesses the effect of preschool dosage (i.e., receiving one or two years of preschool) on…
Moore Julia E., Cooper Brittany Rhoades, Domitrovich Celene E., Morgan Nicole R., Cleveland Michael, Shah Harshini K., Jacobson Linda, Greenberg Mark T., Q3 2015
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
Social and emotional skills facilitate school readiness, yet evaluations of preschool programs typically focus on the cognitive benefits of early education and rarely examine the impact of preschool on "non-cognitive" outcomes. This study used…
Domitrovich Celene E., Morgan Nicole R., Moore Julia E., Cooper Brittany Rhoades, Shah Harshini K., Jacobson Linda, Greenberg Mark T., Q4 2013
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed
Research on the effects of preschool dosage on children's early academic functioning has been limited despite the substantial policy implications of such work. The present study adds to a growing literature on this topic by examining how the number…