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Explore our collection of gray research literature (e.g., publicly available reports and briefs published by government agencies, and for-profit and nonprofit organizations), peer-reviewed journal articles, survey instruments, webinars, and descriptions of projects funded by the Office of Planning, Research, and Evaluation. Learn more about the scope of our collection.

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Anderson Christine W., 1980
Peer Reviewed
A study of the impact of daily mother-child separations and multiple caregivers on development and maintenance of attachment
Piha Sam, n.d.
A discussion of promising academic support and enrichment practices in after school programs
Klinger Nancy, Paprocki Charles, Zellin Agnes, n.d.
A discussion of workforce-related barriers to maintenance and expansion of early childhood education and care services in New York State
Perlman Michal, Zhang Jing, n.d.
Reports & Papers
A study of the amount of mathematics instruction in child care center classrooms and its relationship to staff education, child-adult ratios, and the proportion of children receiving child care subsidies, based on staff surveys and observations…
Barnett W. Steven, n.d.
A bibliography of preschool education research studies indexed by categories and listed in order of academic/clinical value, with description of how studies are analyzed for and defined by strengths and weaknesses
Every Child Counts (Program) [First 5 Alameda County], n.d.
Reports & Papers
An evaluation of early childhood mental health consultation intervention in Alameda County, California , based on surveys and observations measuring child-teacher relationships, the quantity of mental health screenings and services provided, and the…
Williford Amanda P., Wolcott Catherine Sanger, Whittaker Jessica E. Vick, LoCasale-Crouch Jennifer, n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
This study examined the implementation of a teacher-child intervention, Banking Time, with 59 preschool teachers and children with disruptive behavior. Implementation quality was assessed with regard to dosage, quality, and generalized practice.…
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Department of Family and Preventive Medicine, n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
This fact sheet provides an evaluation summary of Project Play, a program that matches mental health professionals with teachers to promote positive social and emotional development in children. Consultation is conducted at classroom, child-specific…
Midwest Child Care Research Consortium, n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
Highlights of findings from a study on the correlation between working conditions of child care workers and program quality, based on a sample of 2,022 child care providers in Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, and Missouri
Stavsky Sasha, n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
An inquiry into the correlation between the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers and providers? ability to supply quality early childhood programs
McGregor Gail, Mulligan Sarah A., n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
A discussion of strategies to support the inclusion of children with disabilities in Montana?s early childhood education and care programs, based on a survey of 1,744 owners and directors of child care programs
Carr Margaret, Lee Wendy, Early Years Wisdom Group, n.d.
Reports & Papers
This project aimed to explore the ways in which young children could become more wise about their learning journeys, and perhaps the learning journeys of others. In particular, we wanted to explore how -- and whether -- four-year-olds could develop…
Ritchie Jenny, Duhn Iris, Rau Cheryl, Craw Janita, n.d.
Executive Summary
This study focused on global issues of ecological sustainability in a variety of local early childhood education contexts, drawing from both kaupapa Maori and Western perspectives. Ecological sustainability as a teaching and learning issue (…
Cabell Sonia Q., Justice Laura M., Piasta Shayne B., Curenton Stephanie M., Wiggins Alice K., Turnbull Khara Pence, McGinty Anita, DeCoster Jamie, Forston Lindsay Doswell, Petscher Yaacov, n.d.
Fact Sheets & Briefs
Preschool teachers received training on ways to promote children's language development. Researchers then compared their use of these new language-facilitation strategies with teachers receiving no training on this topic. They also measured children…