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Herrera Sarah, Phillips Beth M., Newton Yi-Chieh, Dombek Jennifer L., Hernandez James A., July 2021
Literature Review

Children entering kindergarten vary greatly in their language and literacy skills. Therefore, up-to-date information about evidence-based practices is essential for early childhood educators and policymakers as they support preschool children’s…

Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast, July 2021
Fact Sheets & Briefs

This study snapshot presents key findings from a review of literature about early language and literacy interventions.

Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast, July 2021

This document includes the search, screening, and review processes for the report; technical results and key terms; effects of interventions by domain and outcome type; implementation characteristics of the interventions; research basis for the…

Phillips Beth M., Koon Sharon, Folch David C., October, 2020
Reports & Papers
Evidence suggests that participation in high quality early childhood education supports the school readiness of young children. Therefore, it is important to understand whether children from different geographic regions, such as urban and rural…
Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast, October, 2020
Fact Sheets & Briefs
This study explored whether knowing more about the location of early childhood education sites and the characteristics of the neighborhood (in this case, the census tract) in which they are situated would improve understanding of the factors that…
Regional Educational Laboratory Southeast, October, 2020
This appendix (Appendix A. Methods) is related to a study that explores neighborhood characteristics and quality rating scores of early childhood education sites in North Carolina.
Brown Elizabeth Glyn, Scott-Little Catherine, Amwake Carolynn, Wynn Lucy, August 2007
A review of methods and instruments used to measure child outcomes in state and local school readiness initiatives