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Savage Sarah, July 2021

ARPA provides nearly $24 billion in child-care stabilization funds; states must distribute their allocations by September 30, 2023. These funds are stipulated for use in implementing grant programs that support child-care providers, including…

Smith Linda K., McHenry Kathlyn, June 2021

This paper will make the case for policymakers to consider investing in the entire early care and education system rather than create new structures that could further isolate programs-such as Pre-K-from the mixed delivery system. (author…

Davis Elizabeth E., Sojourner Aaron J., May 2021

The core challenge our proposal seeks to address is how to ensure that every American family and child has access to high-quality, affordable early childhood care and education (ECE) services in a critical period of human development, breaking a…

United States. Office of Head Start, 14 April, 2021
On March 19, 2021, the Office of Management and Budget issued administrative relief guidance, M-21-20 Appendix 3 – Disaster Relief Flexibilities to Reduce Burden for Financial Assistance. It outlines flexibilities and waivers affecting grant…
Lawrence Brandy Jones, Sharrock Emily, Parkerson Courtney, February, 2021
Apprenticeships, or “educator residencies,” as we refer to them in Investing in the Birth-to-Three Workforce: A New Vision to Strengthen the Foundation for All Learning, offer a roadmap for rebuilding the workforce at this critical moment with…
First Five Years Fund, February, 2021

FFYF has developed this Blueprint for Progress with resources and information showcasing the policy opportunities for lawmakers to support the care and education of children from birth through age five. (author abstract)

National Center on Early Childhood Quality Assurance, January, 2021
This section discusses quality set-aside basics, along with options for quality activities, as related to the Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF).
National Institute for Early Education Research (U.S.), 2021

This document includes the following appendices: Appendix A: State Survey Data 2019-2020; Appendix B: Head Start Data; Appendix C: U.S Census Population Data; and Appendix D: Pre-K Special Education Enrollment Data.

Karoly Lynn A., Cannon Jill S., Gomez Celia J., Whitaker Anamarie A., 2021

The objective of the study was to estimate the cost per child of a high-quality publicly funded pre-K program in the United States at the state or district level, accounting for cost at the provider level and at the system level (e.g., school…

Alcalá Lupita, Kubinec Jannelle, Atkin Catherine, Karoly Lynn A., King Carlise, Muenchow Susan, Stipek Deborah J., December, 2020

The Master Plan translates California’s aspirations into an actionable roadmap, building forward to address the unique challenges and circumstances experienced in 2020. The Black Lives Matter movement in particular has called upon California to…

PRE4CLE, 11 September, 2020
The COVID-19 crisis has laid bare the weaknesses in the child care and early education system, but it also provides an opportunity to start fresh and build a newly resilient system that offers high-quality care and education to children, reliable…
Walsh Jyll, Harker Laura, September, 2020
The federal CARES Act provided $144,237,467 to assist ECE centers throughout Georgia to avoid closures, supply personal protective equipment (PPE) to open centers and create an accessible critical child care network for essential workers. This…
University of Colorado Denver. National P-3 Center, 14 August, 2020
This table presents changes to state and Federal policy and guidance following the spread of COVID-19 for the early care and education sector in Colorado. Policies and guidance have changed in the following areas: program management, education-based…
Hao Winona, Cohen Rebecca, July, 2020
This report includes the latest information about how investment in ECE correlates to school success and economic development. We know that quality experiences have the largest impact on student outcomes. This report outlines quality in ECE,…
Wisconsin Policy Forum, July, 2020
COVID-19 health concerns and restrictions have produced considerable turmoil in Wisconsin's child care sector, which will play a critical role in efforts to fully re-open the state's economy. Financial losses and the potential permanent closure of…