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Lahr Michael L., Yao Ye, Fei Da, Lee Annie, September 2021
Reports & Papers

The following report evaluates the total economic repercussions of the City of Philadelphia’s Beverage Tax from a macroeconomic perspective. No prior studies have taken on this viewpoint. They, instead, have tended to analyze just part of the…

Herbst Chris M., Kose Esra, August 2021
Reports & Papers

Our paper provides some of the first evidence on the effect of the Head Start funding expansions on program inputs. We take advantage of the county-year variation in funding increases that were implemented due to a number of legislated policy…

Farah Martha J., Sternberg Saul, Nichols Thomas A., Duda Jeffrey T., Lohrenz Terry, Luo Yi, Sonnier-Netto Libbie, Ramey Sharon L., Montague Read, Ramey Craig T., June 2021
Reports & Papers
Peer Reviewed

Does early exposure to cognitive and linguistic stimulation impact brain structure? Or do genetic predispositions account for the co-occurrence of certain neuroanatomical phenotypes and a tendency to engage children in cognitively stimulating…

National-Louis University. McCormick Tribune Center for Early Childhood Leadership, Summer 2021
Reports & Papers

This brief reports on the outcomes of the nationwide data collected with the Program Administration Scale. The project is a survey of management, leadership, and challenges of center-based early care and education settings. Strengths (such as…

Pears Katherine C., Miao Alicia, Burton Michael, Green Beth L., Hatfield Bridget E., Scheidt Deena, June 2021
Reports & Papers

Drawing on prior work done by the ELD’s Research-to-Practice Partnership with OSLC Developments Incorporated, Portland State University, and Oregon State University, the ELD COVID-19 Early Educator Survey was conducted in March 2021 to provide…

Connors-Tadros Lori, Northey Kaitlin, Frede Ellen, Hodges Katherine S., Jost Tracy, May 2021
Reports & Papers

In this report we share the results of case studies of four SOELs. To set the stage for the case studies, we highlight, in Section 1, the prior research that contributed to our conceptual framework. In Section 2 we describe our methodology. We…

Afterschool Alliance, May 2021
Reports & Papers

With the pandemic radically changing the landscape of summer 2020, as typical summer experiences were cancelled or changed to meet health and safety protocols, the Afterschool Alliance commissioned nationally representative follow-up surveys of…

Owens Stephen, Clowers Denae, May 2021
Reports & Papers

Georgia’s Pre-Kindergarten Program (Georgia’s Pre-K) is one of the first state-funded universal pre-K programs in the nation. The program is offered to all 4-year-olds in the state (making it universal) but contains yearly “caps” on enrollment…

Jones Colin A., Giang Marcus, April 28 2021
Reports & Papers

To estimate the costs of universal, affordable, high-quality ECE for Massachusetts, we took the assumed cost of the program (above), estimated both the number of children who would be in care, and the estimated cost of public subsidies necessary…

Lin Van-Kim Bui, Maxwell Kelly, April 2021
Reports & Papers

This report aims to answer the following questions, summarize findings from analyses conducted in November 2019, highlight gaps in the available information on quality investments, and offer implications for future research. 1) What were states’…

Doocy Sean, Kim Yoonjeon, Montoya Elena, Chavez Raul, April 2021
Reports & Papers

In spring and summer 2020, during the first six months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) reached out firsthand to directors of center-based programs and home-based family child care providers, via…

Home Grown, March, 2021
Reports & Papers
The impact of Home Grown’s Emergency Fund on HBCC was far-reaching. Home Grown’s grants, combined with matching private funds and public funding, provided direct support to 2625 HBCC providers who served more than 18,000 children. These funds…
Cope Heather, March, 2021
Reports & Papers
In January of 2021, MFN followed up with the same child care providers to find out how they are faring now and received a total response rate of 28 percent. The current survey data indicates that 79 percent say they have experienced a financial loss…
Sonnier-Netto Libbie, Cope Heather, Oakey-Frost RuthAnne, Lewis Rhea, March, 2021
Reports & Papers
This report details the findings of the fourth survey of child care providers, conducted January 13 - 27, 2021, while Louisiana remained in Phase Two of reopening. In Phase Two, ratios and group sizes for early care and education providers returned…
Illinois. Governor's Office of Early Childhood Development, Spring 2021
Reports & Papers
The Commission strongly recommends that the State seize this moment to reimagine and adequately invest in a system that leads with racial equity; prioritizes community and stakeholder engagement in decision-making at the program, community, and…