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Nyhan Paul, June, 2015
Executive Summary
In 2008 the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) confronted a problem that has been growing for decades. It boasted the highest academic performance of any large urban district in California, yet its achievement gap was widening, as too…
Tasmania, 2011
Executive Summary
A summary of an investigation of children's school readiness at the state- and community-level in Tasmania, Australia, in the domains of physical health and wellbeing, social competence, emotional maturity, language and cognitive skills, and…
Gomby Deanna, 03 April, 2010
Executive Summary
A summary of an exploration of the readiness of children, parents, and the community of Contra Costa County, California for children's entrance into school
Barry Matthew, Montagu Lisa, Buckley Pamela, September, 2008
Executive Summary

A summary of an analysis of neighborhood indicators to determine Denver, Colorado's ability to prepare children to enter school ready to learn and succeed, including information on family demographics, availability of early childhood programs,…

Iowa State University. Community Development-Data Information & Analysis Laboratory, January, 2007
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of current and future child care needs in the Atlantic, Iowa, area, based on a community summit, a parent survey, and interviews with child care providers
National Governors' Association, 2005
Executive Summary
A discussion of the actions that governors and states can take to support families, schools, and communities in their efforts to ensure that all children start school ready to reach their full potential
Santa Clara County Partnership for School Readiness, 2005
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of children's skills at kindergarten entry and family and early childhood education factors associated with those skills in Santa Clara County, California, based on parent and early childhood education teacher surveys and…
Boethel Martha, 2004
Executive Summary
The summary of a review on school readiness, focusing on the contextual factors related to differences in children's skills and performance at kindergarten entry, early interventions involving family or community components, and transition into…
United States. Child Care Bureau, 2002
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of the impact of collaborative community initiatives to improve access to quality infant-toddler child care for low-income families
Freedman Sara, Kilson-Page Jennifer, 2002
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of the effective collaborations between after-school programs and institutions of higher education in Boston, Massachusetts
Maxwell Kelly, Bryant Donna M., Ridley Stephanie M., Keyes-Elstein Lynette, April, 2001
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of children and schools in North Carolina to determine statewide school readiness
Chen Xianglei, Chandler Kathryn, 2001
Executive Summary
An overview of strategies used by schools to encourage parents? involvement in children?s education, based on data from the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES) Survey on Family and School Partnerships in Public Schools, K-8 and from…
Feeney Stephanie, Grace Donna, Brandt Mary E., 2001
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of influences contributing to the school readiness of a child, including characteristics and abilities of a child and family, school, and community influences, strategies for parents and educators, and possible integration of…
Scott-Little Catherine, Maxwell Kelly, June, 2000
Executive Summary
A summary of a statewide strategy for ensuring school readiness throughout North Carolina
Zaslow Martha, Calkins Julia, Halle Tamara, Zaff Jonathan, Margie Nancy G., 2000
Executive Summary
A summary of a report designed to educate communities regarding school readiness assessment and the ecological factors involved in a child's successful transition to kindergarten