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Tiu Michelle, McCarthy Betsy, Li Linlin, October, 2015
Executive Summary
In spring 2015, WestEd conducted a study for the CPB-PBS Ready To Learn Initiative of a school- and home-based transmedia mathematics intervention based on the resources in the PBS KIDS Odd Squad transmedia suite. The transmedia mathematics…
Szekely Amanda, 28 October, 2014
Executive Summary
This brief highlights the emerging research on young children's potential and ability to master early mathematical concepts currently not reflected in state learning standards. Recommendations are provided to encourage governors to involve…
Education Development Center, SRI International, November, 2013
Executive Summary
The 2013 PBS KIDS Transmedia Math study is an important part of the multiyear Ready To Learn summative evaluation conducted by the Education Development Center, Inc., (EDC) and SRI International (SRI) for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB…
Education Development Center, SRI International, September, 2012
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of the implementation of a preschool math curriculum supplement with transmedia content, which includes videos and computer games linked to established children's educational shows and characters, and its impact on children's…
McCarthy Betsy, Li Linlin, Tiu Michelle, September, 2012
Executive Summary
A summary of an evaluation of three mathematics transmedia gaming suites, which are videos and computer games linked to established children's educational shows and characters, that examines preschool children's gains in mathematics skills and…
United States. National Mathematics Advisory Panel, 2008
Executive Summary
A summary of an examination of children's math development and learning and the instructional practices and materials, curricula, teacher recruitment, training, and retention practices, and assessment practices to effectively foster children's math…
Hustedt Jason T., Barnett W. Steven, Jung Kwanghee, Thomas Jessica, January, 2007
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of the effects of Arkansas Better Chance, a state-funded child care and early education program for preschool-age children from low-income families, on the literacy, language, and math development of children entering…
Robin Kenneth B., Frede Ellen, Barnett W. Steven, 2006
Executive Summary
A summary of a longitudinal random assignment study comparing the effects of half- and full-day preschool program participation on vocabulary and math skills of preschool children through first grade, based on direct child assessment
Barnett W. Steven, Lamy Cynthia Esposito, Jung Kwanghee, 2005
Executive Summary
A summary of a study of the impact of state-funded preschool on kindergarten academic achievement in Michigan, New Jersey, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and West Virginia
Denton Kristin L., West Jerry, 2002
Executive Summary
A third report in a series on young children's experiences with school, based on data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study, Kindergarten class of 1998-99 (ECLS-K), which focuses on children's knowledge and skills in the first grade.
Clements Douglas H., Sarama Julie, 2002
Executive Summary
A summary of a description and experimental evaluation of Building Blocks, a research-based, technology-enhanced mathematics curriculum for use in prekindergarten through second grade, in preschool classrooms serving low-income children, based on…
West Jerry, Denton Kristin L., Reaney Lizabeth M., 2000
Executive Summary
A nationally representative longitudinal survey following kindergarten children through fifth grade to examine the academic gains the children made over their kindergarten year and looking to see if their achievements differ by child, family, and…
Schoenfeld Alan H., Stipek Deborah J., n.d.
Executive Summary
A summary of an overview of a conference on children's early math development, and the teaching and the curriculum practices, professional development approaches, and policies to support early math development