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Bailey Ann E., Reese Meredith H. T., January, 2020
Executive Summary
Now in its third year of funding, the Health and Safety Coaching Project (HSCP) continues to support child care providers throughout Minnesota with improving their health and safety practices. The intent of the HSCP is to develop a high-quality…
Maxwell Kelly, Sotolongo Joy, Gebhart Tracy, January, 2018
Executive Summary
The reauthorization of the Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) includes a requirement for states to monitor the basic health and safety practices of legally operating, license-exempt programs that receive child care subsidy funds. Bright…
McCormick Lindsay A., Lovell Sam C., 2018
Executive Summary
Given the critical need for more investigation in this area, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) conducted a pilot project to evaluate new approaches to testing and remediating lead in water at child care facilities. This report provides a summary of…
Choose Safe Places for Early Care and Education Workgroup, April, 2017
Executive Summary
ATSDR has worked on sites across the country where ECE programs have been in locations that were not safe. To help protect children from health risks caused by locating ECE programs on or near places where chemical or radiological hazards are…
Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, February, 2017
Executive Summary
CHDI's IMPACT, Promoting Children's Health in Early Care and Education Settings by Supporting Health Consultation, summarizes research on the role and benefits of health consultation in early learning settings, and reviews policies, regulations,…
Karoly Lynn A., Martin Laurie T., Chandra Anita, Setodji Claude Messan, October, 2016
Executive Summary
Despite the long-standing commitment to health services as a central component of Head Start, it is a relatively understudied aspect of the program. It has been nearly 20 years since a focused study examined the role of the health manager and how HS…
Adamu Maryam, Hogan Lauren, October, 2015
Executive Summary
This report highlights the trends around preschool discipline. It first details the interconnected factors that augment these trends, including the rise of zero-tolerance policies and mental health issues in young children while also exploring some…
Sells Jill, 2015
Executive Summary
Considerable state momentum exists to develop or enhance systems to link child health (including mental health) with early learning. Late in 2014, pediatrician Jill Sells interviewed representatives of the nine states that received Race to the Top-…
Roberson Kristina M., Blood-Siegfried Jane E., Derouin Anne L., Vartenisian John P., 2015
Executive Summary
Peer Reviewed
Children in poverty are at greater risk for developmental and health problems and face significant barriers in accessing routine preventive healthcare. Evidence based guidelines recommend stricter adherence to the schedule of well-child care to…
Marin Andre, October, 2014
Executive Summary
Unfortunately, some children are placed at unnecessary risk in unlicensed and illegally operated child care centres, often hidden behind the closed doors and shuttered windows of private homes. The dangers associated with these child care…
Durrett Jordan A., Bey Asia S., October, 2014
Executive Summary
Kids In Danger (KID) recently surveyed child care workers throughout Illinois to assess behavior and attitudes towards children's product safety. Findings of the report include: (1) Forty-nine percent of the respondents reported at least one…
Perry Deborah F., 30 September, 2013
Executive Summary
The Washington D.C. Department of Mental Health (DMH) recently completed the third year of implementing an evidence-informed mental health consultation project in 25 community-based child development centers (CDCs). The Healthy Futures project is…
NJ NAP SACC Evaluation Group, October, 2012
Executive Summary
A summary of an evaluation of the New Jersey Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC), a program to improve nutrition and increase physical activity in child care centers, that examines changes in center policies and…
Perry Deborah F., Deardorff Sarah, 30 September, 2012
Executive Summary
The Washington DC Department of Mental Health (DMH) recently completed the second year of implementing an evidence-informed mental health consultation project in 25 community-based child development centers (CDCs). The Healthy Futures project is…
University of Maryland at Baltimore. School of Medicine, Georgetown University. Center for Child and Human Development, CKD Communications, 31 October, 2011
Executive Summary
A summary of an evaluation of early childhood mental health consultation in Maryland that examines consultant and program characteristics, services delivered, children's socioemotional outcomes, early childhood classroom environment outcomes, and…