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McKenzie Sarah C., Jordan Emily, Wood Camie, 20 January, 2021
Executive Summary
The Arkansas Better Chance (ABC) program provides low-income and at-risk Arkansas students with tuition-free pre-K opportunities in school districts across the state. The current analysis describes the 3rd and 5th grade outcomes of students who…
Soliday-Hong Sandra, Zadrozny Sabrina, Walker Jada F., Love Elizabeth N. G., Osborne Jennifer Detwiler, Owen Judith L., Jenkins Gabrielle P., Peisner-Feinberg Ellen S., January, 2021
Executive Summary
The following summarizes results from the Georgia’s Pre-K Longitudinal Study Third-Grade Report. The study followed a representative sample of children (n=1,169) from their pre-k experience (2013-2014) through the third grade (2017-2018). The study…
Vitiello Virginia E., Winter 2020
Executive Summary
Peer Reviewed
This study documented perspectives from parents, teachers and administrators involved in children’s transitions from public pre-K into kindergarten within a large, diverse county. The purpose was to better understand how these stakeholders…
Peisner-Feinberg Ellen S., Soliday-Hong Sandra, Yazejian Noreen, Zadrozny Sabrina, Burchinal Margaret, December, 2020
Executive Summary
This Impact Study examined the effects of participation in PA PKC on children’s early academic, social, and executive function skills in kindergarten. In particular, the study focused on whether there were differences in performance for children…
Brotherson Sean E., Saxena Divya, Lammers Shea, Bushaw Kimberly, September, 2020
Executive Summary
Among its multiple priorities, the Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five that was awarded by the federal government to the state of North Dakota incorporated attentiveness to issues associated with transitions for young children and their…
INNOVATIONS in Community Research and Program Evaluation, Cincinnati Public Schools, 23 January, 2020
Executive Summary
This evaluation examines the relationship between kindergarten readiness and academic achievement through high school graduation. The relationship between preschool attendance, kindergarten readiness and academic outcomes was also assessed for a…
Peisner-Feinberg Ellen S., Van Manen Karen, Mokrova Irina L., Burchinal Margaret, August, 2019
Executive Summary
The purpose of the current Longitudinal Study is to examine outcomes for children who attended Georgia's Pre-K related to key academic skills as well as the quality of their classrooms from pre-k through fifth-grade. This study, begun in 2013-2014,…
Peisner-Feinberg Ellen S., Zadrozny Sabrina, Kuhn Laura J., Van Manen Karen, May, 2019
Executive Summary
The primary purpose of the 2017-2018 NC Pre-Kindergarten (NC Pre-K) Evaluation was to examine the effectiveness of the NC Pre-K Program using a randomized controlled trial (RCT) design. Because children are randomly assigned to either receive NC Pre…
La Torre Deborah, Leon Seth, Wang Jia, Cai Li, January, 2019
Executive Summary
The primary goal of this study was to replicate and improve upon a previous study of LA's BEST participants' secondary school persistence (or dropout) in light of the program's expansion. Specifically, analyses sought to answer the following…
Dodge Kenneth A., Bai Yu, Ladd Helen F., Muschkin Clara G., December, 2018
Executive Summary
This new analysis extends the evaluation of the same students over the course of middle school through the end of Grade 8. We asked two main research questions: First, did each program continue to have a positive impact on math and reading test…
Shuey Elizabeth, Kankaras Milos, 15 November, 2018
Executive Summary
The goal of this paper is to build on and consolidate previous work undertaken in preparation for the OECD's International Early Learning and Child Well-Being Study (IELS), providing an in-depth overview on the research base for the study. There are…
Whitehurst Grover J., 12 July, 2018
Executive Summary
There is a strong and politically bipartisan push to increase access to government-funded pre-K. This is based on a premise that free and available pre-K is the surest way to provide the opportunity for all children to succeed in school and life,…
Spain Angeline, Ehrlich Stacy B., Cowhy Jennifer, Dasgupta Denali, Lockaby Tracey, July, 2018
Executive Summary
Researchers at Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago (Chapin Hall) and the University of Chicago Consortium on School Research (UChicago Consortium) studied the first full-year implementation of PKTP (2016-17), following a pilot year in 2015-16.…
Jacob Robin T., Erickson Anna, Mattera Shira K., March, 2018
Executive Summary
With these positive findings as a backdrop, this report describes the High 5s program in detail, noting what was needed to implement the program with fidelity to the model. The program set out to achieve a number of goals -- it was designed to build…
Mattera Shira K., Jacob Robin T., Morris Pamela A., March, 2018
Executive Summary
This report is designed to explore the impact of Making Pre-K Count and High 5s on children's math skills, language skills, executive function, and attitudes toward math at the end of kindergarten. (author abstract)