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Caverly Sarah L., Caspe Margaret, Veit-Edrington Jody, 02 August, 2016
This PowerPoint presentation accompanies a webinar that examines the research on the transition to kindergarten and considers transition practices that districts are implementing. Focus is on family engagement and the relational roles of families,…
Nyhan Paul, June, 2015
In 2008 the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) confronted a problem that has been growing for decades. It boasted the highest academic performance of any large urban district in California, yet its achievement gap was widening, as too…
Rohacek Monica, Lowenstein Christopher, Sandstrom Heather, Isaacs Julia B., April, 2015
Though Head Start has a long history of efforts focused on preparing children for school and assessing children's development, it is only since December 2011 that Head Start regulations specifically require grantees to set school readiness goals and…
Britto Pia Rebello, April, 2012
While school readiness is gaining currency around the globe, there remain many issues linked with a cohesive understanding of the concept and its applications to improve the learning and development of all children, the quality of schools, and the…
Schweinhart Lawrence J., 2012
A discussion of the role of curricula and assessments in ensuring schools are ready for young children
Maine Children's Alliance, 2011
An examination of indicators of the readiness of Maine families, communities, early childhood education and care programs, and schools to support children's readiness for school
W. K. Kellogg Foundation, Education Commission of the States, 2009
A summary of a series of conferences on efforts to provide seamless transitions from early to elementatry education
Ballantyne Keira G., Sanderman Alicia R., D'Emilio Timothy, McLaughlin Nicole, November, 2008
A discussion of child, family, school, and community conditions for ensuring the learning readiness of three- to six-year-old dual language learners
Action for Children North Carolina, June, 2008
An investigation of the readiness of children, schools, families, and communities for children to begin kindergarten, based on a statewide indicators of children?s health and development, school quality and performance records, families? well-being…
Mwaura Peter A.M., Mohamed Bishara T., 2008
A description of the Madrasa Early Child Development Program in Kenya, a comprehensive program to deliver early childhood services to Muslim children to better prepare them for school
Doucet Fabienne, Tudge Jonathan R.H., 2007
A discussion of the transition to school as a cultural experience for children and families
Arnold Caroline, Bartlett Kathy, Gowani Saima, Merali Rehana, 2006
A discussion of the concept of ?school readiness? and of what improving the quality of early childhood education encompasses in the context of global efforts to improve early childhood education opportunities, and the goals of the 1990 Jomtien…
Espinosa Linda M., 2006
A discussion, overview of research, and list of recommendations related to the school readiness of Hispanic/Latino children in the United States
Rhodes Michelle, Enz Billie, LaCount Marilyn, 2006
Peer Reviewed
A description of Leaps and Bounds: A Kindergarten Readiness Program designed to help educate and support primarily Spanish-speaking, low income families
National Governors' Association, 2005
A discussion of the actions that governors and states can take to support families, schools, and communities in their efforts to ensure that all children start school ready to reach their full potential