Child Care and Early Education Research Connections

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National Survey of Early Care and Education

The National Survey of Early Care and Education (NSECE) funded by the Office of Planning, Research, & Evaluation is the first nationally representative survey of early care and education (ECE) supply and demand.


The NSECE gathers data from parents and guardians, home-based child care providers, center-based child care directors, and staff to better understand the landscape of ECE services available throughout the U.S. and how families with young children select and pay for child care services.


Visit the NSECE 2012,  NSECE 2019, and NSECE 2024 to learn more about each of these studies.


Learn about the history of the NSECE and the development of the 2012 NSECE and the development of the 2019 NSECE and the NSECE COVID-19 Longitudinal Follow-Up.


This bibliography lists resources in the Research Connections collection related to the NSECE. Each category represents a different type of resource to help you find the information you need.

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