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Project Ready! An early language and literacy program to close the readiness gap


A key to reducing reading difficulty, particularly for children living in poverty, is to provide high quality, explicit, and well-planned instruction from the start of a child’s school career. Preschools that provide quality language, literacy, and content instruction have produced promising positive effects on children’s later academic achievement. However, many preschool programs are not equipped to provide quality instruction due to lack of teacher preparation and/or curriculum materials. Even teachers with advanced degrees may struggle with instruction due to weak and/or non-existent instructional materials. This project piloted a low-cost, research-based language and literacy instructional program for preschool children living in poverty. Results of the implementation school were compared to two control groups (low-income and middle-income populations) and indicated meaningful skill development as evidenced by gap-closing rates of growth and decrease in percentage of children at risk for reading challenges. (author abstract)

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