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Federal, state, and local policies addressing chemical emissions from dry cleaners: Opportunities for reducing exposure at child care facilities


This report discusses some of the policy strategies that have been developed and implemented to reduce the impacts of dry cleaning chemicals on child care and other sensitive land uses. The focus of the report is on perchloroethylene, the main chemical of concern related to dry cleaner operations. The report does not cover all possible avenues for addressing the potential environmental impacts of PCE use by dry cleaners. The following sections discuss three types of policies, highlighting notable federal, state, and local examples of each. Section V closes out the report with a recap of the information presented. Environment/Public Health: Section II describes air quality regulations for reducing emissions from existing dry cleaners. Appendix A provides a brief summary of and citations to the regulations referenced throughout this section. Land Use/Zoning: Section III discusses local ordinances for reducing environmental exposures relating to dry cleaners in the siting of new dry cleaners or child care facilities. Child Care: Section IV provides an overview of how child care licensing regulations can help protect children and staff from environmental exposures relating to current and/or past dry cleaner facilities. (author abstract)

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