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State regulations governing firearms in early care and education settings in the US

Recently, there has been a substantial increase in public support for policies requiring safer storage of firearms. Child access prevention (CAP) laws are 1 example, because they may reduce firearm-related injuries. Many US states have CAP laws that govern firearms within the family home. However, nearly two-thirds of children younger than 5 years spend substantial time in out-of-home early care and education (ECE) settings. These settings are regulated by states and other jurisdictions, but to date these regulations have not been included in prior reviews of existing laws. Moreover, to our knowledge, no data are available on firearm-related injuries in ECE settings. We sought to document existing regulations governing the presence and storage of firearms in ECE settings and the extent to which state regulations align with national standards. (author abstract)
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U.S. Virgin Islands; United States; Puerto Rico; Northern Mariana Islands; Guam; American Samoa
Wyoming; West Virginia; Wisconsin; Washington; Vermont; Virgin Islands; Virginia; Utah; Texas; Tennessee; South Dakota; South Carolina; Rhode Island; Puerto Rico; Pennsylvania; Oregon; Oklahoma; Ohio; New York; Nevada; New Mexico; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Nebraska; North Dakota; North Carolina; Montana; Mississippi; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Massachusetts; Louisiana; Kentucky; Kansas; Indiana; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; Hawaii; Georgia; Florida; Delaware; District of Columbia; Connecticut; Colorado; California; Arizona; Arkansas; Alabama; Alaska

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