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Child care's struggle to survive COVID-19: State impacts and responses: Updated report as of July 2020

The National Women's Law Center surveyed state child care administrators to help assess how COVID-19 was affecting child care in their states, how they were using their additional CCDBG funding to address the needs of their child care providers during the public health crisis, and what additional resources are needed to sustain child care in their states. An initial report published in May included information collected from late March to early May 2020; this updated report includes additional information provided by state administrators through early July. Information reported by state administrators was supplemented with information from state agency websites and other sources. (Note that this report does not cover all child care-related activities that states have undertaken in response to COVID-19, some of which were implemented prior to the receipt of the new CCDBG funds using existing CCDBG funding or other resources.) This report will continue to be updated as additional states report how they are using their new CCDBG funds and other developments. A summary of information reported by states is below, followed by more detailed reports for individual states. (author abstract)
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United States
Wisconsin; Washington; Vermont; Virginia; Utah; Tennessee; South Dakota; South Carolina; Rhode Island; Pennsylvania; Oregon; Oklahoma; Ohio; New York; New Mexico; New Jersey; New Hampshire; Nebraska; North Carolina; Montana; Mississippi; Missouri; Minnesota; Michigan; Maine; Maryland; Louisiana; Kentucky; Kansas; Illinois; Idaho; Iowa; Georgia; Florida; Delaware; Connecticut; California; Arkansas; Alabama

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