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Frontiers in Child Care Research: Annual Meeting of the Child Care Policy Research Consortium 2005

March 8-11, 2005

The Child Care Policy Research Consortium is a national alliance of research projects sponsored by the Child Care Bureau in the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Consortium's purpose is to help the Child Care Bureau increase the national capacity for sound child care research, identify and respond to critical issues, and link child care research with policy and practice.

The annual Child Care Policy Research Consortium Meeting was held on March 8-11, 2005, in Baltimore, MD. Materials from the conference, including summaries of sessions, PowerPoint presentations, posters and handouts are now available. To view a description of each session and relevant materials click on the links below.


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Plenary: Frontiers in the Linkage of Child Care with Other Systems and Services

Plenary: Measurement, Assessment, and Outcomes

Plenary: The Intersection of Child Care and Low-Wage Employment

Plenary: Moving Forward, Thinking Creatively: Where are the Frontiers for Child Care Research

Breakout Sessions

Session 1: Assessments and Measures that Support Linkages Among Early Care and Education Programs

Session 2: Issues in the Linkage of Child Care, Mental Health, Health and Special Interventions

Session 3: Linkages Among Employment, Workplace Policies, and Child and Family Well-Being

Session 4: Implementation Issues in Evaluation of Quality Initiatives

Session 5: Issues in Measuring Quality in Home-Based Settings

Session 6: What are we Learning About the Relationship Between Subsidy and Welfare-to-Work Systems and Policies, and the Child Care and Employment Patterns of Low-Income Parents?

Session 7: Defining and Measuring Content of Professional Development

Session 8: What Child Care Arrangements Do Low-Income Parents Use? How Do State Policies and Programs Affect Their Choices?

Session 9: Assessment of School Readiness and Child Outcomes in Preschool

Session 10: State Level Assessments of Quality Rating Systems

Session 11: Linking Data From Different State Systems

Session 12: Getting Stability: Understanding and Measuring the Dynamics of Child Care Arrangements


Supplementary Materials

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