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Annual Meeting of the Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium 2018

February 7-8, 2018

Sponsored by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), in the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), the Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium (CCEEPRC) brings together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss what we are learning from research that can help inform policy decisions for ACF, States, Territories, localities, and grantees and to consider the next steps in early care and education (ECE) research.

The CCEEPRC 2018 Annual Meeting was held on February 7-8, 2018, in Crystal City, Virginia. Materials for the CCEEPRC 2018 sessions are available through Research Connections.

The CCEEPRC Annual Meeting differs from other research-focused meetings. This meeting is the collective effort of a rich network of stakeholders from diverse settings who are committed to strengthening the bridges between research and early care and education policies. The CCEEPRC 2018 meeting aimed to build on ongoing discussions and to promote new connections and inquiries. Conversations at CCEEPRC have highlighted new methodologies, areas for deeper exploration, critical gaps and next steps for our shared work of strengthening the knowledge base to inform child care and early education policies.

The CCEEPRC 2018 meeting agenda continued to bring together the excellent work and diverse perspectives of colleagues examining related questions in different program and policy contexts. Plenary sessions addressed topics related to diversity, equity and inclusivity in ECE policy and research; defining and measuring child care quality; issues in financing high-quality ECE; and models of coordinated services for children and families. Breakout sessions captured a broad range of topics highlighting some of the current challenges and opportunities for ECE policy research and aimed to encourage discussions about how our individual inquiries and projects connect, how they inform each other and policy, and what comes next.

Plenaries and Workshops

Meeting Agenda

Plenary Session 1: Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity in ECE Policy, Practice and Research: An Overarching Perspective for the Field

A1. Igniting Discussions and Sharing Insights on Equity and Access

A2. Using Integrated Administrative Data Systems to Answer Policy-Relevant Questions in Early Care and Education

A3. Conceptualizing Quality from the Perspective of Home-Based Child Care

A4. Supporting Quality Programs for Infants and Toddlers through Professional Development and Technical Assistance

Plenary Session 2: Defining and Measuring Child Care Quality that Reflects Diversity of Families and Settings

B1. Provider Experiences with the Subsidy System: What We Know and Need to Know to Improve Quality and Supply of Subsidized Care

B2. Child Care Deserts: Current Knowledge and Next Steps for Researchers and Policy Makers

B3. Research Partnerships: The What, How, and Why of Conducting Research in the Context of a Partnership

B4. Quality Rating and Improvement Systems: New Evidence and New Questions for the Future

C1. Family Provider Teacher Relationship Quality Measure: A Tool for Research and Practice

C2. Addressing Childhood Inequities through Alternative Methodological Approaches

C3. "Readiness to Change" within Quality Improvement Initiatives

C4. State Child Care Licensing: The Missing Piece of the Early Learning Research Agenda

C5. Culturally Grounded Methods to Advance an Equity Lens in Early Childhood Care and Education Research

Plenary Session 3: Financing to Support an Accessible High Quality Early Care and Education System

D1. What Do We Know About Professional Development for Home-Based Child Care Providers?

D2. Issues in Quality-Driven Early Care and Education Financing and Cost Analysis

D3. Capitalizing on CCDBG Reauthorization to Understand How CCDF Policies and Implementation Decisions Affect Children, Families, and Providers

D4. Research Findings on Peer Effects, Quality, and Outcomes—Equity, Quality and Policy Implications

E1. What Are We Learning about Home-Based Child Care Providers and the Supports Available to Them?

E2. Exploring an Integrated Implementation Study Framework: From the Frontline to Systems

E3. Policies to Improve Continuity of Subsidized Child Care

E4.New Quality Improvement Strategies: A Paradigm Shift for ECE

Plenary Session 4: Coordinated Services for Children and their Families: Research Approaches, Benefits, and Challenges

Closing Plenary: Current Perspectives on Critical Research Gaps and Needs

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