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Early Childhood Systems Collective Impact Project: How to use the Early Childhood Systems Collective Impact Project catalog, crosswalk, and synthesis to align and coordinate federal programs supporting expectant parents, young children, and their families


The project team used information from the review to develop three products that complement one another—a catalog of program requirements; a crosswalk based on the catalog with an overview of the requirements; and a synthesis document of key findings from the crosswalk. These products are intended to support policymaker at the federal and state level, program administrators, researchers and evaluators, and technical assistance providers in identifying opportunities to improve alignment and coordination across federal programs. Users can start with the synthesis to obtain counts of how prevalent requirements are across programs. They can then use the crosswalk to identify programs with or without certain requirements. The catalog provides more detailed information on statutory, regulatory, or guidance language. Alternatively, users could first review the catalog to gain a clear understanding of the requirements for how a federal program addresses the five key program elements and flexibilities that exist, then use the crosswalk and synthesis to examine whether other programs have similar requirements. (author abstract)

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