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Music teaching readiness among non-specialised music teachers in government preschools

Music education plays a very important role in children's lives. Music can be used to assist children in learning other subjects such as language, mathematics, science and physical movements. Although teachers may be aware of the benefits and significance of music for children, they are not necessarily able to conduct lessons effectively. Many studies have revealed that preschool and primary school teachers lack skills in teaching music. This study sought to investigate three main components of music teaching readiness--content knowledge, professional development and instructional strategies among non-specialised music teachers in government preschools in the state of Perak. A questionnaire was used to collect data in this cross-sectional survey. Data was analysed using descriptive statistics. The results of this study indicated the music teaching readiness of the non-specialised music preschool teachers (N=48) in Perak is average in terms of content knowledge (M=3.35 on a 5-point scale); and instructional strategies (M=3.33) used in the music classroom. The professional development component indicated only 25% of the total number of teachers participated in courses, workshops, seminars, observations and other teacher development programmes. To maintain and develop effective teaching, teachers who lack confidence in teaching should take the opportunity to participate in professional development programmes fostered by Government policy, to discover new learning tools and strategies, assessment methods, find new resources and expand their network towards aiming for the best music-learning environment for children. (author abstract)
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