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Annual Meeting of the Child Care Policy Research Consortium 2010

October 21-22, 2010

The Child Care Policy Research Consortium is a national alliance of research projects sponsored by the Child Care Bureau in the Administration for Children and Families, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Consortium's purpose is to help the Child Care Bureau increase the national capacity for sound child care research, identify and respond to critical issues, and link child care research with policy and practice.

The 2010 Annual CCPRC Meeting (CCPRC 2010) was held on Thursday, October 21st and Friday October 22nd at the Starwood St. Regis in Washington, DC. Materials from the conference, including summaries of sessions, PowerPoint presentations, posters and handouts are now available


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Plenaries and Workshops

Annual Meeting Overview

  1. QRIS and Quality Initiatives: New Research and Resources (Pre-meeting Session)

  2. Subsidy Measurement Issues: Measures of Duration, Dosage and Stability (Pre-meeting Session)

  3. Introduction to ACF Leadership and Keynote by Joan Lombardi (Opening Plenary)

  4. Child Care Subsidy Policy Research: Where Are We, and Where Do We Need to Go? (Plenary Session 2)

  5. The Role of Data System Integration in Policy, Practice, and Research (Workshop A1)

  6. New Research on QRIS: Implications for Policy and System Improvement (Workshop A2)

  7. The Interface of Child Care Subsidy Policies and Practices and Child Care Markets (Workshop A3)

  8. Models of Effective Professional Development and Quality Improvement: Coaching, Consultation, and Mentoring (Workshop A4)

  9. Poster Symposium: Lessons Learned About Child Care Decision-Making from Child Care Policy Grantees (Workshop A5)

  10. Progress toward Supporting High-Quality Care and Education: Goals, Strategies, and Continuous Improvement (Plenary Session 3)

  11. Methodological Issues in Studies with Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Families (Workshop B1)

  12. Integration of QRIS and State Professional Development Systems (Workshop B2)

  13. Supporting High Quality Family-Provider Relationships through QRIS (Workshop B3)

  14. Poster Symposium: Child Care Subsidies and Child/Family Well-Being (Workshop B4)

  15. Successful Family-Provider Relationships: Key Constructs, Related Outcomes,
    and Policy Implications (Plenary 4)

  16. Early Childhood Collaborations: Definitions, Measurement, and Next Steps (Plenary 5)

  17. Quality Indicators: Evaluation, Research, and Performance Measures (Workshop C1)

  18. Child Care Instability: Definitions, Context, and Policy Implications (Workshop C2)

  19. Collaboration Measures: Existing Measures and Opportunities for Future Development (Workshop C3)

  20. Models of Effective Professional Development and Quality Improvement: Options for Targeting Services for Individuals and Organizations (Workshop C4)

  21. Poster Symposium: Research Findings and Implications for the Collaboration Logic Model (Workshop C5)

  22. Implications of Behavioral Economics Research for CCDF Research and Policy (Plenary 6)

  23. Assessing What We Have Learned and Using Research to Shape New Developments in CCDF (Closing Plenary)

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