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Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium 2020 Virtual Event Series

July - September 2020

Sponsored by the Office of Planning, Research and Evaluation (OPRE), in the Administration for Children and Families (ACF), the Child Care and Early Education Policy Research Consortium (CCEEPRC) brings together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to discuss what we are learning from research that can help inform policy decisions for ACF, States, Territories, localities, and grantees and to consider the next steps in child care and early education research.

The CCEEPRC 2020 Virtual Event Series was held July – September 2020. All slides, as well as event summaries and recordings, are available on this page.

The CCEEPRC Annual Meeting differs from other research-focused meetings. This meeting is the collective effort of the Consortium – a rich network of stakeholders working in a variety of professional spaces who are committed to strengthening the bridges between child care and early education research and policies. The CCEEPRC 2020 virtual events build on continuing discussions, while also trying to foster new connections and inquiries. To this end, sessions bring together researchers, policymakers, and practitioners engaged in policy-related Child Care and Head Start research to share findings/innovations, discuss challenges and solutions, and generally make connections across projects to maximize what we can learn from OPRE-funded research.

While the CCEEPRC Annual Meetings are typically closed to Consortium members, the CCEEPRC 2020 Virtual Event Series is open to the broader community of stakeholders.

The CCEEPRC 2020 Virtual Event Series Resource List includes a sample of resources from the Research Connections library on CCEEPRC 2020 Virtual Event Series topic areas. The table also includes links to additional resources within the Research Connections collection.

Virtual Events

JULY 22: Racial/Ethnic and Economic Segregation in Early Care and Education

JULY 27: Supporting Infant-Toddler Teachers with Technology

August 3: 2019 NSECE: What Are We Learning and How Do We Learn More?

August 5: How Should We Conceptualize & Measure Child Care Demand?

August 10: INQUIRE Discussion of Quality Improvement and QRIS Research

August 12: High Quality Child Care: Who Pays?

August 17: Approaches to Defining and Measuring ECE Access

August 19: Writing for Equity: Practical Guidance

August 24: Making it Real: Stakeholder Engagement in Any Research

August 26: Towards a School-age Child Care Research and Policy Agenda

September 2: Looking into the Black Box of Payment Rates

September 4: Discussion of ECE Licensing, Available Data & Research Needs

September 9: Exploring the Decline in Family Child Care Supply

September 11: Flipping the Change Agent: How Do We Engage Providers in Quality Improvement?

September 16: Intersections and Impact of Implementation Drivers for Coaching & PD Efforts

September 18: Innovations in Measuring Quality of Early Childhood Education Across Settings

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